New Latex Powder Free Disposable Glove

New Latex Powder Free Disposable Glove

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Powder free latex disposable glove has an AQL rating of 1.5 and complies to Medical Standard EN455 Class I. Made from natural rubber is extremely durable and provides a high level of protection due to its high tear and puncture resistance. With exceptional elasticity, it is neither constricting or restrictive, providing maximum flexibility and comfort even when worn for long periods. Polymercoating and textured fingertips provide a light grip allowing for secure handling of objects and instruments. With a beaded cuff adding strength and preventing liquid roll back, it's strong and reliable with maximum sensitivity, dexterity and comfort.
EN455 Medical Devices Class I

Typically used for:
Pharmaceutical Work
Local Authority Work
Hospital & Clinical Duties
Care Home Work

Tactile: Provides maximum dexterity, sensitivity and comfort.
Strong: Made from natural latex.
Powder Free: Reduces the risk of product contamination
Grip: Polymer coating and textured fingertips provide a light grip.
Rolled Cuff: for additiona; strngth and preventipn of liquid roll back.
Freedom From Holes: AQL1.5

100 gloves per box

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