Ansell 42-474 Crusader Glove

Ansell 42-474 Crusader Glove

Ansell 42-474 Crusader Glove Nitrile dipped coating on a non-woven felt liner.

Hot mill glove 200°C.
Superior heat resistance with complete protection for hand and wrist.
Exceptional durability: decisively outperforms 24 oz cotton, hot mill gloves, terry cloth.
Repeatedly preferred to other hot mill gloves for dexterity, sureness of grip and sheer value for money.
A unique process securely bonds a tough NBR coating to a special loop material.
Excellent resistance to cuts, snags and abrasion.
An excellent grip on dry and oily surfaces.
Heat-protective barrier and coating.
The back of the hand, forearm and wrist are securely protected from accidental heat hazard (up to 180°C).
Both coating and liner are very flexible.
Less tiring to wear. Encourages quicker, more accurate handling.
Can be washed over and over again.
A long-lasting glove that can be re-used many times cuts your costs significantly.
Extremely hard-wearing.
In trials, Crusader Flex outware asbestos by 8:1, terry cloth by 5:1, 24 oz cotton by 4:1.
Sweat-absorbent non-woven felt inner.
Permits hot hands to breathe more freely.
No seams in the working area.

Recommended Usage:
Handling hot glass.
Rubber industry: demoulding rubber tyres, belts and profiles, vulcanising, calendering, etc.
Demoulding thermoplastics.
Handling hot castings.
Handling hot wooden plates.
Removing sterilised products from autoclaves.

EN 388:2016
EN 407:2004 X.2.X.X.X.X

If you are able to order in pack quantities there are 12 in a bag and 144 in a case.

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Code Description Size Price Quantity
EDM0474.M Edmont 42-474 Crusader size 9 9 £13.75 (exc VAT)
EDM0474.L Edmont 42-474 Crusader size 10 10 £13.75 (exc VAT)