British Standards Motor First Aid Kits

British Standards Motor First Aid Kits

BS 8599-2:2014 Motor Vehicle First Aid Kits.
The new national standard for First Aid provision within motor vehicles.

What Kit is required?
The size of kit required for motor vehicles is determined by the category of hazard and by the number of potential passengers (see Table below).

Where there are special circumstances, such as remoteness from emergency medical services or unusual hazards specific to a particular undertaking, there may be a need to provide a greater number of kits than outlined in the information below and/or to supplememt first aid provision with additional appropriate components, e.g additional foil blankets. In these instances, a risk assessment needs to be carried out to ascertain the requirements.

Number of passengers Vehicle examples Number & size of kits required
1 to 3 Mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles, quadricycles. 1 x Small
1 to 8 Cars, taxis, commercial vehciles. 1 x Medium
1 to 16 Minibuses, small buses. 1 x Large
17+ Buses, coaches. 2 x Large *

* Multi-level vehicles may require more than two kits.

BS8599-2 Car/Motor Vehicles Kit Small

£16.65 (exc VAT)

BS8599-2 Car/Motor Vehicles Kit Medium

£19.63 (exc VAT)

BS8599-2 Car/Motor Vehicles Kit Large

£40.24 (exc VAT)