Mops, Buckets & Brushes

Mops, Buckets & Brushes

Soft Dustpan & Brush Set

From £4.60 (exc VAT)

Cocoa Broom and Stale

From £4.31 (exc VAT)

Bassine Broom and Stale

From £0.00 (exc VAT)

Kentucky Mop Bucket c/w Wringer

From £0.00 (exc VAT)

10 litre Economy Plastic Bucket

From £1.61 (exc VAT)

16 litre Plastic Mop Bucket

From £5.36 (exc VAT)

Black Plastic Bucket 13ltr

£2.35 (exc VAT)

Yellow Plastic Bucket 15 Litre

£4.45 (exc VAT)

300mm Bass Broom and Stale

£6.10 (exc VAT)

Standard Wooden Broom Stale

£1.65 (exc VAT)

Cotton Mophead & Plastic Socket

£1.65 (exc VAT)

Kentucky Mop Holder Blue

£2.70 (exc VAT)

16oz Kentucky Mop Head

£3.05 (exc VAT)

Galvanised Mop Pail


Stiff Wooden Nailbrush

£1.52 (exc VAT)

Henry Vacuum Cleaner Bags

£7.90 (exc VAT)