Safety Overshoes & Toe Protectors

Safety Overshoes & Toe Protectors

Safety overshoes and toe protectors are usually given to guests and workers within a factory environment to protect their feet from hard or heavy objects that may fall accidentally. Safety Plus offers safety overshoes that are made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and steel, they are 100% recyclable. They can adapt to any type of shoe and are available in sizes, small, medium or large. The small safety overshoe fit shoe sizes from 2.5 to 6,  medium size can fit shoe sizes from 6.5 to 10 and the large size can fit 10.5 to 13 shoe sizes. Both overshoes can be bought in boxes of 5 pairs.  The Pied can also be bought individually.

Well-known for its expertise in safety footwear manufacturing, GASTON MILLE offers a wide choice of stitched, cemented and injected shoes. The factory and head office have been based in Courthezon, in the south of France, for over a century. Certified to ISO 9001, MILLE SAS company is proud to perpetuate a traditional workforce through the marketing of its safety shoes, in France and abroad.

Safety Plus offers a wide range of high quality protective wear. Besides safety footwear products, we also offer safety gloves and lots more. Simply call 01527 510999 or email us at with your enquiries.

Millenium Premium Metal Free Safety Overshoes (5 Pairs)

From £205.00 (exc VAT)

Millenium Pied Protect TPU Safety Overshoe - Single Pair

From £27.50 (exc VAT)

Printed VISITOR Hi-Viz Waistcoat Class 2

From £3.99 (exc VAT)

Millenium FULL Protect Visitor Pack 5 pairs

£210.00 (exc VAT)