Top Selling Items

Top Selling Items

Black Chukka Boot

From £12.99 (exc VAT)

Cofra New Reno UK S3 SRC

From £25.40 (exc VAT)

Cofra Post Season ESD Safety Trainer S3 SRC

From £67.84 (exc VAT)

Cofra Yule Safety Boot. S3 ESD SRC

From £58.83 (exc VAT)

Sievi Auto XL Safety Shoe. S2. ESD. Wide Fit

From £83.60 (exc VAT)

Hi-Viz Waistcoat Class 2

From £1.75 (exc VAT)

RX101 Pique Polo Shirt

From £5.99 (exc VAT)

Nitrotouch Nitrile Coated Glove

From £0.75 (exc VAT)

Citra-Sol Heavy Duty Hand Gel - Various Sizes

From £10.50 (exc VAT)

PR88 Skin Protection Cream 1ltr

£9.98 (exc VAT)

Millenium Pied Protect TPU Safety Overshoe Visitor Pack 5 pairs

£149.99 (exc VAT)

Millenium FULL Protect Visitor Pack 5 pairs

£184.00 (exc VAT)

Mens Double Palm Cat II Rigger Glove

£1.70 (exc VAT)

Bolle B-line Impact Faceshield Complete

£6.92 (exc VAT)

Lightweight Eyeshield

£2.40 (exc VAT)

Value Ear Muff SNR27

£4.35 (exc VAT)

FFP2 Fold Flat Mask box 20

£12.95 (exc VAT)

CNP3V FFP3 Valved Fold Flat Mask box 15 - Currently out of stock

£62.37 (exc VAT)

1-10 Person HSE First Aid Kit

£11.64 (exc VAT)

Burn Kit - Small

£18.75 (exc VAT)

Road Haulage Kit

£6.37 (exc VAT)

Fabric Plasters Assorted 6 Sizes - box of 100

£5.85 (exc VAT)

Washproof Plasters Assorted 6 Sizes - box of 150

£6.30 (exc VAT)

Eyewash - 20ml - box of 25

£12.70 (exc VAT)

2ply Tis-U White Luxury Toilet Roll

£13.95 (exc VAT)

2ply White Standard Centrefeed Roll

£18.55 (exc VAT)

2ply White Luxury C-Fold Towel

£29.40 (exc VAT)

Pallet Wrap 400mm x 300m EXTENDED CORE Megastretch+

£6.16 (exc VAT)

Small Bubble Wrap 1500 - 3x500mmx100mtr

£37.20 (exc VAT)